Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hallowe'en Celebrations


I should really have posted these at an appropriate time - say, after Hallowe'en itself, rather than um, a month afterwards. Here we go! Picture-intensive time! Tjis particular picture is one of our decorations - Mum prefers 'quirky' Halloween to grisly slasher movie theme. She makes a point of keeping Halloween up until Christmas is due on December 1st, so we have an awful lot of pumpkin cheer around the house until then!

This one is part of the (slightly manic) family. Gentleman in the vampire get-up is my esteemed father - two ladies on the end of the sofa as witch and grim reaper respectively are the Aunties Valerie and Monica - and at the other end is 'Sherlock' the younger sister, rocking a look as a punk pirate. The squinting one smirking at the camera is me, unfortunately. The lovely lady with purple and black hair is my mother :P We always make a point of playing games at Halloween - blockbusters, pin the head on the headless horseman, quizzes , pass the parcel - you name it, we play it! Guess we make it quite a fun thing. And then there's black-eyed peas, a tradfitional Halloween delicacy, alongside my dad's famous sausage stew and roast chestnuts - and breadsticks, for some reason :P Plus whatever the trick-or treaters don't gleam from us treat-wise. Belated happy holidays!

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