Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Argh, Sisterly Nicknames.

Another quick post before I go home for Halloween - but just to leave you with an idea of how lovely, literary obsessed, and er, quirky my beloved sister and I can be, I thought I'd relate this anecdote for you.Back in the days of yore, when I was a more extreme Holmes fangirl aged thirteen (ie, idly doodling scenes of Baker Street, imagining a backstory for Mrs Hudson - my brain wave was that she's a sweet little Scottish Presbyterian from Edinburgh who has four daughters, all married, and one son (spoilt rotten) - and she has slightly adopted her upstairs lodgers as errant sons - to Watson's amusement and Holmes' terror, etcetera, etcetera), and endlessly forced my sister to play Sherlock Holmes with her Barbies. Zoe was mostly Watson, I was(coughs, embarrasedly) Holmes. There was generally a sparkle princess Mary Sue Barbie thrown in there too. Unfortunately, it was more 'Without A Clue' than Conan Doyle.
But there you go. Until *mutter, mutter* she got old enough to watch the Jeremy Brett series. And, in the Jeremy Brett series, the episode 'The Greek Interpreter'. Featuring Mycroft. The older, somewhat lazier, and er... stouter brother.All younger Holmesian credibility went straight out of the window. Zoe rather smugly assumed the 'Sherlock', whilst, being five years older, I was left with the nickname 'Mycroft.'Funnily enough, we've kind of grown into the nicknames. I'm often horribly, horribly lazy, occasionally have fits of energy - joined a sci-fi obsessed Diogenes Club in miniature, complete with misanthropic members (and ended up becoming secretary of one of the 'oddest clubs in Manchester'). The only thing I'm lacking in is numeracy and deductive skill.Whilst Zoe excels at maths and science - because she's good at it - can hold a tune (admittedly not a virtuoso violinist, but she can sing!) , is often so energetic it hurts to watch, and we have an affectionate game of one-up-man-ship that never gets too serious. Er. I think. Maybe. Yeah...

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Mercury Gray said...

That is mightly funny in light of the fact that I was Sherlock Holmes last Halloween. We really are partners in crime. (Or is it anti-crime?)