Monday, 13 July 2009


Yeah, I've been AWOL for the past few months this summer, and probably the longest time I've been away from a keyboard all year. These past few weeks have been pretty insane, as far as summer holidays go...

1) Applying (and subsequently failing) for a job in a couple of local bookshops. Guess a recession really isn't the time to go jobhunting, but there you go. My timing is er... flawless as ever? Guess you could say so...

2) A university friend invited me out of the blue to go and spend a week with her in Belfast over the summer. Consequently I've been knotting my stomach with anxiety since the last holiday we took involving planes my mum was nearly stopped and searched - all because I forgot to take my Ipod out of my pocket. And then nearly lost my ticket coming home. Yeah, foreign travel? Bad thing for the nutty absent-minded students among us. Plus, it might be coincidence, might be not, but my dad's taken to watching such cheerful movie about plane travel such as Die Hard 2 (Planes crashing from the sky in balls of flame) and The Day After Tomorrow (planes crashing from the sky in swirls of snow).
I think I've decided I probably don't like flying. But I'm going anyway, so what the hell.

3) Getting horribly addicted to True Blood, alongside my mum. Ordered the first series from America, and my initial thought was 'ew.' Twelve episodes later both me and my mother are frantically searching websites for season 2 like international computer hackers. About 89% of my time at a keyboard this summer has been spent waiting for videos to buffer on Youtube.

4) The other 11% has been spent emailing my enthusiastic Transformer-addicted friend that whilst co-writing a fanfic together is a GREAT idea, I don't technically write the 21st century very well. Provided she doesn't actually mind reading Prime and Prejudice, a thoughtful emotional drama about class divide and aha... transforming robots, life should be great.

5) Horrible, horrible writers block on Tu Salus Fidelium that's only just coming to an end. Personally, I blame Prime and Prejudice for distracting me. There's an update coming before next week, I hope. I've finally cleared up my dilemma about where Mirrum should go next...

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Mercury Gray said...

OH, so you ARE on holiday. I was wondering when you'd be finished with your blessed exams and finish your story...:D

Yeah, I had a deuce of a time finding a job, too. I have one for August, until I go back to school, at the college bookstore where I'm taking classes now (geology and french, blech) so that will be some money in the 'Send Merc to Ireland with spending money' fund. (Speaking of which, I got a book from the library today called "Literary Guide and Companion to Northern England"; I was thinking there might be some ideas in there of appropriately literary things to see in your neck of the woods.

But Belfast! Sounds like a treat! I'm sure you'll be fine. But I get super-focused in airports, and I guess I travel a lot by plane, so I'm used to it.

I haven't seen True Blood (We don't get Showtime) but I hear it's good. And think about it this way -- I have to wait for all the good BBC stuff to migrate over here, so we're square, mostly.

You're writing a Transformers/Austen crossover? That's...ah...That's terrifying, actually. I'll have to read it when you're done.

I don't know if I've said this before, but if you want someone to just look over TSF and brainstorm with you, I would volunteer. And it's not as if my hands are full with my own KoH epic now, either. ;D I'm looking forward to the update!