Thursday, 5 February 2009

Writer's Reluctance: And a Possible Update

Apologies are due, once again, for a horrible, horrible lack of updates on all things Internet-linked. This is becuase the foul Demon Writers Block has struck once again.

I don't get it often, but when it haunts me, it does so for months. I sit and stare at the little flashing 'I' on Microsoft Word, and it mocks me with the lack of words that would normally come streaming out like so much 'typist's cramp.' Not so much writers block as 'writers lethargy.' I get too lazy to try and write anything because nothing does come when it does. Tu Salus Fidelium has been neglected for weeks...

I have a funny feeling, though, that has something more to do with my reluctance to kill Mirrum's Fisher King. I've enjoyed writing him almost as much as my (borderline, I know) not-quite-Mary Sue has enjoyed talking to him. His wit, humour and political astuteness as portrayed both in film and my current muse Bernard Hamilton is wonderful. Only thing is, I know I have to kill him in the interests of my fic not being counted amongst the ranks of execrable 'Mary Sue heals all!' fics. And... I don't want to.
Sure, it says Alternate Universe on the tin - but that was to excuse any possible Tiberias romancing. I have a feeling it will descend into chaos if I try any Shakespearean 'It was all a test of his people!' tricks. So I'm doing the reverse of Arthur Conan Doyle at the moment, by NOT wanting to kill my favourite character.

Ack. So, in a word, I'm reluctantly screwing my courage to the sticking place to finally ( and VERY reluctantly) silence the Fisher King for ever. It WILL happen, and there are a couple of chapters before the final end, but... well, forgive the hesitation...

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Mercury Gray said...

I know the feeling. I have to kill Baldwin in a few chapters...and then the story keeps going, and none of the other characters want to talk to me. I would say if you're that sad about killing him, go in a lateral direction and write a one-shot to fill in a gap somewhere. That's what I did for Godfrey!