Wednesday, 17 December 2008

New Year, Theoretically New Start...

As my first post of the New Year, I think I'd better put down a few resolutions to look at later. It always makes me laugh to look at the things I consistently fail to do over the year - but I fall for the 'fresh start attitude' . It makes me think I'll stand a better chance of actually doing the things I 'll avoid doing for the rest of the year.

Numero Un: Remain Tolerant of the Twilight Series.
My sister has got the Stephanie Meyer virus. It's everywhere, I guess - the movie, with a rather gloomy Cedric Diggory, the merchandise, the books - the many, many books. I was eventually persuaded, through alternate pleading and dire threats by my little sister, to read the Twilight series. Three books later I was still bemusedly wondering how something which would have been unanimously flamed on has caught the hearts and minds of the goth inclined teenagers of the world.
Oh dear. Where to begin? A heroine you want to drop-kick out of a window for being so saccharine, a hero who's decidedly ... well, "perfect," "gorgeous" and all the rest of it, but who has as much charisma as a shop mannequin and who wallows in angst at every available opportunity. Plus the vampires/werewolves/ ordinary townsfolk are all so nice. So absolutely in love with Bella! I don't actually know what high school is like in the US, but if it's anything like high schools here, I'm willing to bet not everyone automatically falls in love with the new girl on her very first day.
However, try and discreetly mention some of the plot flaws to a Twilight fan, and the exchange ends up something like the council of war scene from Kingdom of Heaven...

Twilight Fan: " a teenager who is in loooove with Edward Cullen can never be defeated in pursuit of true loooove!"

Moi: 'But it's nothing like real life at all! And Edward Cullen is not attractive or charismatic!!!'

Twilight Fan:BLASPHEMY!!!!!

So... in light of being pounced on with howls of fury when I make any criticism of Stephanie Meyer's, talent, I have decided on tolerance. I shall nod my head and fervently agree with anyone who is a Twilighter, and then consider whether t'is a far far better thing to lower my standards and send raving Mary-Sues to the publishers instead of a worthy novel. Hmm. Jury's out on that one...

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Mercury Gray said...

That's your resolution for this year? Interesting. I neglected to make any, though, so I guess you're ahead of me.