Thursday, 23 October 2008

'Gams' Across the Web

This is to pick up on a theme mentioned by Mercury Gray about connectivity ( if I own her at writing, she definitely owns me! Tu Salus Fidelium was directly influenced in many ways by a certain little fic called God Wills It) It's very much the whole 'six degrees of separation' thing - and really, when you think about it, absolutely amazing! We no longer have to send messages by pigeon, or messengers in tricorne hats on horseback, or messages in bottles. We're all engaged in a kind of wizardry that would have seemed devilish or miraculous to the people in the past; and in a sense we are very much indebted to our 'invisible friends' - people we'll probably never see, but are very much there for a pleasant exchange of opinions over the Web.
It's a very good thing I don't have to explain this to some one from the sixteenth century. I'd probably be burnt at the stake for communicating with 'spirits'.
But one of the things that absolutely staggered me a little while back was that someone else also reads and loves the Adventure of English!
Now, The Adventure of English is an overlooked little book in (weird!) England. For sixth-form college we did a module that really fired my imagination on Old and Middle English, and we watched an episode from the series. And did that inspire me! I was so taken with it I was daydreaming about one day learning to speak Old English (just in case I get dramatically transported back in time a la Timeline into Ivanhoe and Old English comes in handy to plead for mercy) Only to discover everyone one else was more... 'mweh, it's just class. Let's go out tonight...'
Well, I don't excuse my nerdiness. It's part of who I am. But it took a lot of finding on Amazon to track down the book accompanying the TV series - alas, I couldn't track down the DVD. It hasn't been released yet. But it was very much worth it. I had no idea anyone outside the UK had even heard of it!
Just goes to show. So - to the fellow reader of The Adventure of English who, like the truth in the X-files, is out there somewhere - wes hal! And thanks...

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Mercury Gray said...

The movie is pretty fun, I have to admit -- and seeing as how linguistics is as much of the ear as it is of the eye, it's much more interesting to hear the language spoken as it evolves as much as it is to read it.

As an aside, how long would it take me to get to Manchester from Cork, Ireland? I only ask because I might be studying abroad there, not next year but the year after. We could meet up for tea and crumpets or some such social nonsense and things.